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At ENERCOLD we are proud of our extensive knowledge and experience in making reliable, efficient and powerful commercial refrigeration racks/packs. ENERCOLD provides refrigeration equipment with good quality. We are one of the best Refrigeration Contractors uae

We offer as standard DORIN semi hermetic refrigeration compressors in our Refrigeration Racks. DORIN have been in the compressor manufacturing business for almost 100 years. Currently DORIN are the leaders in CO2 refrigeration compressors and leading edge technology in all other compressor models. This ensures that you get the very best, most reliable and efficient compressor solution for your application.
We will work with you to determine exactly what you need for your application and build you a special bespoke package. All systems are fully customisable, to ensure that your purchase fulfils your requirements for many years to come.

We offer solutions for all refrigerants, including R134a, R290, R404a, R407a/c, R477 and R717 amongst many others. We will provide the option for floating head technology, adaptive suction pressure control, VFD speed control on the lead or all compressors, systems designed so as to avoid compressor burnouts completely.
All other compressor manufacturers’ models are available on special request, including but not limited to BITZER, COPELAND, FRASCOLD, BOCK, REFCOMP, SABROE, FRICK, MYCOM, HALL SCREW, SRM, HANBELL and FUSHENG to name just a few.

Our packages are available with or without oil management system, oil separator/s, receivers, suction accumulator/s, oil cooling, intercooler, compound machines and or open drive compressors.
We can also provide a full starter and control package, not just for your rack, but for your entire system, including cabinets, cold rooms, freezers, condensers and all associated store power and control requirements, including integrated control solution from SIEMENS or ROCKWELL AUTOMATION.

Send us your enquiry today, we will be delighted to help you find the right solution at a competitive price and outstanding quality. Please email all enquiries to

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