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Introducing ENERCOLD High Ambient HVAC Chillers range. Our chillers are modular in design, meaning that the overall height and width dimensions stay the same. Overall length of the chiller varies based on the duty of the chiller required. Extreme Performance in High ambient conditions.

This range  is called the ECO Range, we have designed this chiller to have exceptionally good SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings) and market leading Part Load Values. Available with 134a, 407c, 1234ze and R32 as standard. This refrigerant offering ensures you can comply with any requirement for environmental care when choosing your chiller. Available with Scroll, Semi Hermetic reciprocating and Screw compressors ensuring the optimal selection for your application.

The HVAC Chillers come as standard with VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives) for the compressors. EC (Electronically Commutated) fans for the condensers. EEV’s (Electronic Expansion Valves) for maximum evaporator efficiency and adaptability. A choice of BPHE (Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger) or S&T (Shell & Tube heat exchanger) to meet your requirements. We can also offer the choice of onboard pumps, duty standby with built in starters and controls, VFD if required.

The condensers on our chillers are designed specifically for the  harsh environment of the middle east. High ambient temperatures hade a degrading effect on the performance of air cooled chillers. The only way to ensure your chiller performs as designed is to ensure the condenser is especially designed for the maximum high ambient temperature in your region. Our fin spacing is optimised to ensure that the condenser is not affected by large amounts of sand in the air, ensuring efficient operation. Our condensers are available with a variety of coatings, Heresite is offered as standard, Bronze Glow or Hydrophilic is also on offer at no additional cost.


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