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What’s the difference between a process chillerpackage and a HVAC chiller A process chiller is built to meet the demanding cooling requirement of production facilities. A production facility cooling is often considered to be a critical cooling application.

Critical cooling means that the production cannot take place without the cooling. The Chiller must be built to be extremely reliable, adaptable and resistant to shut down due to minor faults. This type of chiller often has more than one 100% duty circuit. The rate at which the unit reacts to the cooling demand is also important, the capacity of the process chiller package must adapt very quickly, much more so than would be required from a HVAC Chiller.

Process Chillerpackage are designed for a long service life also, typically 25 to 50 years. Components used are always of the very best quality, ensuring reliability. Design is key to ensuring long life, as maintenance must be easy to carry out, and often without stopping the machine.

Control systems are also often much more robust, generally using a quality tier 1 PLC which gives great flexibility with bespoke programming. This gives the added advantage of easily adding more features not often associated with HVAC chillers for example: Condition monitoring of motor and compressor bearings. Vibration monitoring, Power consumption, Coefficient of performance calculation, remote control via LAN, WAN or over the Internet via a web browser.

We offer a full range of specialized control and starter solutions for our Process Chillers. SIEMENS and Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automation) are our usual PLC options, we will also provide any PLC specified by the client. ATEX zone 1 and 2, safe zone to IP56 or higher to meet the clients requirements. All of our enclosures are made in house by our Electrical Engineering team, giving you the chance to have exactly what you need.

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