Air Handling Units


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We design and manufacture high quality air handling units, for all industries. From simple Fresh Air units to Fully Integrated Economized systems with the very latest technology in their design.


From 1 to 30m3/hour, fully modular for easy installation, with EC fans for high Pa and exceptional power efficiency. The best in class sound power levels for customer comfort. Full heat recovery solution available with up to 86% heat recovered.


Integrated Heating and Cooling solutions available to combine all services into one AHU. Modular solution for larger systems as required. All our units are available with Compressors and Condensers built in, this is available in Cooling only or Heat Pump configuration. We can offer fully in house designed evaporator and Chilled water coils, treated with epoxy coating for long life or anti-bacterial coatings as required.


Standard AHU’s, ATEX rated AHU’s and Hospital/Surgical grade AHU’s for extreme integrity and reliability. Plasti-coated G.I. steel as standard, or AISI: 316L sheeting available on request. We offer fully bespoke Colour solutions which are easily available. Our AHU frames are made from high strength Anodised aircraft grade Aluminium Alloys for long life and lower weight.


All our AHU’s are available with an inboard control and starter solution, with the latest in comfort and energy efficiency built into the easy to use control solutions, including CO2 measurement and auto adaptation of the AHU’s settings and parameters to ensure optimal efficiency, only cooling and heating the exact amount of air required at any one time, conserving energy. We can also build our control panels with the customer’s choice of electrical components and either SIEMENS, TAC, TREND and Allen Bradley, already factory configured to allow for easy addition to existing building controls.


Units can be delivered with full sound attenuation package, designed built and tested by us prior to delivery.
All units are available on request for Factory Acceptance Test in our Dubai Production Facility.
Contact our friendly sales team on anytime for assistance with selection, design or any other questions we may be able to help you with.

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