Air Conditioning Equipment in UAE

Air Conditioning Equipment in UAE & Air Conditioning Suppliers Dubai:

ENERCOLD Packaged Air Conditioners are designed and manufactured to meet the Demanding requirements of the middle east. The Packaged Air Conditioners are built for outdoor installation usually at roof or ground level.

Packaged Air Conditioners are ideal for warehouses, large halls, schools, mosques, or wherever the requirement is for a heavy duty unit incorporating various compressors (hermetic scroll, hermetic reciprocating and semi-hermetic reciprocating) and refrigerants (R134a, R407C, R410A and R32).

ENERCOLD Packaged Air Conditioners are available in wide capacity, ranging from 5TR/17.6kW to 145TR/510.4kW (50 Hz & 60 Hz) The unit operation is controlled by Microprocessor controllers and available with electronic expansion valves, EC Condenser fans and EC Evaporator fans as well. These packaged units are designed and rated in accordance to international standards. AHRI & ASHRAE.

ENERCOLD Packaged Air Conditioners are designed, manufactured and completely assembled, internally wired, charged with required refrigerant at the factory. Units are tested before dispatch ready for installation. Site requirements are ducting and power supply. This greatly reduces installation work and on-site costs. They are designed for ducted systems which will enable them to be installed on rooftops or on the ground.

Packaged Air Conditioners are available with an inboard control and starter solution, with the latest in comfort and energy efficiency built into the easy to use control solutions, including CO2 measurement and auto-adaptation of the AHU’s settings and parameters to ensure optimal efficiency, only cooling and heating the exact amount of air required at any one time, conserving energy.

ENERCOLD also build control panels with the customer’s choice of electrical components and either SIEMENS, TAC, TREND and Allen Bradley, already factory configured to allow for an easy addition to existing building controls.

Units can be delivered with a full sound attenuation package. Designed built and tested by us.

Factory Acceptance Test available in our Dubai production facility.

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